Borehole Seismic and VSP Services

Zebra Geosciences Limited is a privately funded company whose focus is on borehole seismic, especially VSP surveys. The main services offered are described briefly below. More details on any of these services can be obtained by e-mail enquiry to

Survey Planning

Zebra do not provide a data acquisition service and consequently when planning surveys can offer impartial advice on "best for well" technology rather than being constrained by in-house equipment. With personnel who have more than 20 years VSP data acquisition experience in virtually all environments, we are able to advise what is physically practical in addition to what is geophysically desirable.

Survey Field QC

Zebra can provide personnel to travel to the well site and observe the survey in progress. This has proved useful on many occasions where a problem has arisen at the last moment and only experienced personnel can assess its significance.

Survey Processing

Zebra Geosciences have the ability to correctly handle virtually all types of borehole seismic surveys (single or multi-component) including:

  • Walkaway VSP Surveys
  • Offset Source VSP Surveys
  • Deviated (or horizontal) Well VSP & Checkshot Surveys
  • Rig Source VSP & Checkshot Surveys
  • Shear Sonic Calibration Surveys
  • Shear Wave Seismic Profile Surveys
  • AVO Calibration Surveys
  • Borehole to Borehole or Surface to Borehole Tomography Surveys
  • VSPs for Anisotropy Analysis
  • VSPs for Q Derivation
  • VSPs for Surface Seismic Phase Determination
  • VSP Inversion
In almost all cases, we are able to re-process VSP data bringing the results up to modern standards and making these data available for loading to an interpretation workstation even when the original data exists only on paper or on archaic magnetic media.


When preparing our reports, it is Zebra's policy to provide annotated displays that highlight all the salient features in a data set. We also give an undertaking that everything (all plots, graphs, tabulations, etc) will be provided in digital format so these data can be readily incorporated into existing projects or presentations.


The principals of Zebra Geosciences each have more that 20 years experience of working with VSP data and are available to assist in helping to understand VSP data. Alternatively, for further independence, Zebra are in contact with several consultants (ex-oil company personnel) who understand these data and we would be pleased to arrange introductions. We know this is in our longer-term interest as; the more benefit that is derived from VSPs, the more this powerful tool will be used and hence a greater demand for our specialist services.

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